art3f Brussels

Held in the cosmopolitan capital city of Belgium, art3f Brussels attracts huge crowds of contemporary art fans in mid-November each year. The attendees of this event actually know what they want and buy wall art, sculpture, photographs and other artworks with speed. It showcases various artists. Well-known artists and new-to-the-scene talent exhibit indeed and there is always something interesting to discover. Cleverly laid out with wide aisles and high dividing walls, it is a comfortable art fair to spend time in. For instance, Jazz musicians provide a musical backdrop to the event on opening night, encouraging people to relax and spend time in discussion with the artists and gallery representatives. art3f runs many fairs in Europe – mainly in France –  as for example art3f Reims, art3f Marseille or art3f Luxembourg.

art3f Brussels 2020


Place de Belgique 1
1020 Bruxelles

Opening hours

20 November: 4pm – 11pm
21 November: 10am – 8pm
22 November: 10am – 7pm

Entrance Fee

General Admission: €10
Children under 18: Free



Art Periods



[email protected]
+33 3 89 59 02 40

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