British Art Fair

As its names implies, British Art Fair is a bold and lively art fair dedicated to modern British art. Indeed, it exhibits work that demonstrates the importance of the young British artists to the contemporary art scene. 50 leading art dealers presenting drawings, paintings and sculptural pieces. Thus, collectors and members of the public are every bit as interesting as the work that’s on display. Moreover, special exhibitions run alongside the fair with well-known artists represented from the 20th and 21st century. British Art Fair was first established in 1988, and since 2018, it takes place in October in the Saatchi Gallery. This iconic venue helds as well each May DRAW Art Fair, owned by the same group.

Diana Stomiene - ArtVilnius

Robert Sandelson shares his views!

Fair Director

British Art Fair 2020


Saatchi Gallery
King’s Rd
London SW3 4RY
United Kingdom

Opening hours

24 September: 10am – 9pm
25-26 September: 11am – 9pm
27 September: 11am – 6pm

Entrance Fee

Premium: £20
(£15 in advance)
Concession: £7.50



Art Periods


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Insights British Art Fair

Diana Stomiene - ArtVilnius

Robert Sandelson

Fair Director

What would you say is the DNA of British Art Fair?

British art produced in the 20th century, roughly from the birth of modernism to the coronation of the YBAs. Since 1988, this fair has been an annual festival celebrated by the dealers, collectors, writers and the general public who love this art.

What type of galleries are chosen to exhibit, and why?

Specialists in their field, dealers with deep knowledge.

What is the price range of pieces? Who is the average buyer?

£500 – +£1m. Buyers in the huge range of great moderm British art created in the last 100 years come from the UK & all over the world.

“This fair is an annual festival celebrated by the dealers, collectors, writers and the general public who love British art”


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Who is the typical attendee of the fair?

Beautiful, stylish, eccentric, wistful and funny.

What makes British Art Fair so special?

Heritage, community , knowledge , discovery, consistency

What are two other art fairs you would suggest?

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