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Clio Art Fair, which takes its name from a word derived from the Greek root meaning “to celebrate”, is a quite special show that aims to promote contemporary artists by create a direct bond between them and collectors. At this “Anti-Fair”, as it likes to define itself, independent artists are the primary concern, not just sales. It thus showcases contemporary art and interventions created by artists from all over the world. Above all, it aims to create emotional connections. This true New-Yorker fair is a don’t-miss show to discover edgy independent artists, without yet any exclusive NYC galleries representation. It takes places in the busy month of March, at the same time for example as SCOPE Art Show or VOLTA. As an innovative fair, it is the first one to accept the primary crypto-values as a form of payment. Since 2020, the fair splits itself in three different locations: New York, Venice and Los Angeles.

Kassandra Voyagis Art Palm Beach

Alessandro Berni shares his views!


Clio Art Fair 2023


South of Hudson Yards
550 West 29th Street
New York, NY, 10001
United States


18 – 21 May 2023

Entrance Fee

General Admission: £18
Students & Seniors: $10
Art Lovers Brunch: $35



Art Periods




Insights Clio Art Fair

Kassandra Voyagis Art Palm Beach

Alessandro Berni


What is Clio Art Fair DNA?

Empowering Independent Artists is our mission and our statement.

What type of galleries are chosen to exhibit, and why?

We exhibit international independent artists without any exclusive NYC gallery representation.

What is the price range? Who buy?

Artworks are sold generally between $ 500 and $ 5,000.
That’s the reason why every Newyorker is a potential buyer to our Art Fair.

“Empowering Independent Artists is our mission and our statement.”

Art Palm Beach

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Is there a typical Clio Art Fair visitor?

Our fair was born in Manhattan and is thus managed locally.
We have then an accurate vip list of contemporary art insiders in the city.

What is Clio Art Fair special appeal?

In general, we can guarantee a fair with excellent discoveries from all over the world.

What are two other art fairs you would suggest?

I would suggest two fairs that I particularly enjoy: Artissima in Torino, Italy and World Art Dubai.

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