Created in 2015, ESTE ARTE is a leading South American art fair. Indeed, it brings which together regional contemporary artists, international galleries, collectors, academics and public visitors. As Ch.ACO in Chile or PArC in Peru, ESTE ARTE is the only worldwide art fair in the country. With its growing influence, it supports not only established artists, but also those at the beginning of their careers, with special opportunities offered to under-represented groups. Above all, the work is curated to offer a high quality in a broad range of avant-garde and contemporary art. Thus, collectors have a chance to view and purchase from a wide selection of exciting pieces. Moreover, gallery owners and artists are on hand to discuss the artwork, share their ideas and meet the public in a open and friendy atmosphere. Finally, seminars, talks and discussions are also part of the organised itinerary of the fair.

Rebeca Laliberte Future Fair

Laura Bardier shares her views!

Founding Director



Punta del Este Convention & Exhibition Center
Av. Pedragosa Sierra
20100 Punta del Este


January 2024: TBA

Entrance Fee

General Admission: $20
Happy Hour (6-7pm): $15
3-Day Pass: $50



Art Periods



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Insights ESTE ARTE

Rebeca Laliberte Future Fair

Laura Bardier

Founding Director

What would you say is the DNA of ESTE ARTE?

ESTE ARTE is a quality art fair, international with regional roots, at a human scale.

What type of galleries are chosen to exhibit, and why?

At ESTE ARTE we enjoy what we do and we are committed to a long-term vision, because art always transports us beyond our expectations. To exhibit, we invite galleries who share our passion for the arts, our ambition to make history, our proactivity towards business, and with whom we can build a possible future together.

What is the price range of pieces? Who is the average buyer?

The price range of artworks sold in past editions are between US$ 5,000 and US$ 2,500,000. During the last two editions, 100% of the exhibitors sold pieces. In only 6 years, ESTE ARTE has developed a solid profile and a loyal audience. Our buyers are international and regional. They are smart, stylish, affluent, opinion-formers. Some are passionate, spontaneous and searching for the next great artists, others are more conservative and investigate the pieces and the artists before making a decision.

“Our buyers – both regional and international – are smart, stylish, affluent, opinion-formers.”

Future Fair

ESTE ARTE © Uruguay Natural

Who is the typical attendee of ESTE ARTE?

ESTE ARTE typical attendees are Argentinean, Brazilian, Paraguayan, Chilean, Peruvian, Uruguayan, from the USA and Europe, that have houses or rent regularly in Punta del Este. Our visitors are cultivated, sophisticated, well traveled and interested in all expressions of modern and contemporary culture.

What strategy – physical as digital – will you adopt in the short to medium term?

Uruguay is among the countries the least affected by the pandemic. Our format gives us the flexibility to adapt to the logistical challenges of COVID-19. For the 2021 ESTE ARTE has developed a special edition physical and digital. We developped a series of private events and art talks – in-person – ensuring social distancing at all times and a reservation system that guarantees attendance always in line with international regulations. We plan a minimal digital presence displaying the available pieces, without too much fuzz about it. ESTE ARTE is about personal relationships, as it is built around the support of our network of loyal collectors, passionate art lovers and reliable exhibitors.

What are two other art fairs you would suggest?

We distinguish ArteBA’s enduring influence in the region and we admire ArtBO solid network, elegant energy and always great exhibitors’ selection.

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