MEGA art fair
The first edition of MEGA, taking place at Scalo di Porta Genova, Milan. Courtesy MEGA
The Milano Art Week 2024, basking in an unexpectedly radiant summer, inaugurated the first edition of MEGA, a promising new platform dedicated to contemporary emergent art. Conceived by BeAdvisors Art Department and Mattia Pozzoni Art Advisory, in collaboration with Fabio Lucarelli and Burro Studio, MEGA showcased a curated selection of international galleries, artists, and independent magazines. Drawing inspiration from the pioneering Art Basel Social Club established in spring 2022, MEGA aimed to cultivate social spaces for art enthusiasts.

For its debut, MEGA transformed the reclaimed space of Scalo di Porta Genova, injecting vitality into urban redevelopment efforts in Milan’s core. Teaming up with the vibrant Tortona-Navigli district, MEGA hosted 17 international galleries, spotlighting established names like König Gallery alongside emerging Milanese talents such as L.U.P.O and F2T, as well as rising stars from London like Harlesden High Street and Nicoletti.

Integral to MEGA’s effect was its dialogue with diverse local, national, and international entities, amplifying the event’s resonance across multiple fronts. Collaborating with Frab’s Magazine, MEGA provided a dedicated corner for books and magazines, as well as a space for media partners to engage with the contemporary art showcased at the event.

MEGA talk

A decontracted talk at the opening of MEGA 2024, in Milan © Laura Lati for artfairmag

Upon entering the venue, visitors were greeted by a meticulously detailed industrial space, featuring a cozy indoor lounge and an inviting counter conducive to dialogue and conversation. The warm sandy hues of the walls set a tranquil tone, guiding guests to a curated selection of exquisite artworks, predominantly paintings. The gallery lineup for the inaugural edition was particularly noteworthy, complemented by a rich program of discussions, a true highlight of the format. Collectors engaged openly, while queries, albeit unconventional elsewhere, found resonance within the vibrant atmosphere. The organizers’ extensive experience was palpable, evident in the tasteful and alluring selection of artworks.
Goto Yumeno, Confrontation the Flame
Goto Yumeno, Confrontation the Flame, 2024, oil on wood panel. 80 x 65 x 5 cm. Presented by F2T at MEGA © F2T
Among the standout pieces was a captivating painting by Japanese artist Goto Yumeno (b.1996), promptly acquired upon display. Yumeno, an emerging talent from Tokyo currently based in Kamakura, explores the concept of “myth” through a collection of timeless characters. Her paintings predominantly feature female figures, symbolizing modern deities. By layering multiple coats of paint and expressing depth through color, Yumeno invites viewers into a floating sensation, akin to confronting a rocky cliff face.

Konig Gallery presented the works of French artist Johanna Dumet, including a diptych reminiscent of Matisse’s red studio. Dumet, known for her impulsive approach to painting, employs oil on canvas along with techniques such as gouache on paper affixed to canvas. Her works exude a sense of fluidity and spontaneity, intertwining abstract forms with bursts of vibrant color. Rather than fixating on details, Dumet offers a minimalist interpretation of her subjects, focusing on capturing essence over form.

Johanna Dumet, Quand Madame Irma n’est pas là, chapitre II, 2023

Johanna Dumet, Quand Madame Irma n’est pas là, chapitre II, 2023, featured by KONIG Gallery at MEGA 2024 © KONIG Gallery

An intriguing addition was the cinematic ambiance of Stephen Buscemi’s (b. 1998) canvas, evoking a 1970s aesthetic. Through a meticulous process of layering from darkness to light, Buscemi crafts figurative paintings that show intimate moments with a hint of ambiguity. His portraits, often reflections of his own phantom painter self, blur the boundaries between reality and perception, inviting viewers into a realm of subtle intrigue.

Stephen Buscemi, Persuasion

Stephen Buscemi, Persuasion, 2024. Acrylic on linen. 36 x 48 cm. Courtesy Monti 8

The dynamic atmosphere of MEGA was further enhanced by a live concert by New Martini, a Milanese vintage soul band, adding a joyful ambiance to the Friday opening event.
Prices ranged from accessible to moderate, with notable sales including a vibrant Untitled big canvas by Giulia Messina presented by L.U.P.O gallery, “Trespass” by Preslav Kostov, and “Distant Lights” by Kai-Chun Chang, the latter entering the Collezione Scarzella

Preslav Kostov, Trespass, 2024, Oil on Linen, 120 x 150cm

Preslav Kostov, Trespass, 2024, Oil on Linen, 120 x 150cm. © Studio West

Reflecting on the inaugural edition and its alignment with the bustling Art Week, attendance exceeded expectations. The essence of MEGA lies in its ability to unite quality individuals around a shared cultural experience. As emphasized in one of the discussions, even small initiatives can create significant waves when fueled by intentional and heartfelt expression. MEGA exemplifies this strength, encouraging a vital context for artistic dialogue and debate.

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