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Paris Photo is the largest fair of its kind that focuses entirely on photography. The art show promotes and supports all aspects of the medium, from the artists to the galleries and the publishers. Established in 1997, the show has become hugely important and attracts more than 200 top exhibitors who display historical and modern photographs. Institutions, critics, art book producers and the public come along to admire and purchase the pieces exhibited. The fair is divided into 5 sections: a main collection showcasing a wide range of photographic art, a book section for photobooks and publishers, a ‘prismes’ section with large scale photographs, the ‘Curiosa’ section that has erotic images on display anda last section dedicated to film. In 2020, the fair arrives in the United States with the launch of Paris Photo New York, presented with the Association of the AIPAD.

Rebeca Laliberte Future Fair

Florence Bourgeois shares her views!

Paris Photo Director

Paris Photo 2023


Grand Palais Ephémère
Champ-de-Mars, Place Joffre
75007 Paris


9 – 12 November 2023

Entrance Fee

General week days admission: €30
General week-end admission: €32
Reduced rate: €15
Catalogue: €25



Art Periods


+ 33 (1) 47 56 64 69

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Insights Paris Photo

Rebeca Laliberte Future Fair

Florence Bourgeois

Paris Photo Director

What is Paris Photo DNA?

Paris Photo is the largest and today, the longest running international art fair dedicated to the photographic medium.
Our mission is not only to present each year the best in photography available on the market today from the world’s leading galleries and publishers, but also to create a meeting point through innovative programming featuring key figures in the field from artists, dealers, curators, critics, collectors and enthusiasts where ideas can be exchanged and photography in all of its diverse forms and practices can be nurtured and developed. We are looking forward to transporting this DNA to New York, along-side Paris a historical capital for photography, with the inauguration of Paris Photo New York in April 2020 at Pier 94.

What type of galleries are chosen to exhibit, and why?

Contemporary blue chip galleries, historic, specialized and emerging galleries from around the world apply to Paris Photo and our diverse sectors each year. Our selection committee thoroughly reviews each exhibition project and selects the best propositions based on the quality of the art work they propose to offer, the recognition of the artists represented, the geographic and historical and aesthetic diversity as well as the design of booth. Galleries choose Paris Photo because they know that they will meet collectors and curators who are serious about photography and committed to advancing the programs of artists, but also budding collectors who will become key clients to come.

What is the price range? Who buy?

Prices range from €1000 for anonymous treasures to over €1 million for top ranking artists and rare pieces.

Buyers range from the world’s most renowned museums, Met, MoMa, Centre Pompidou, Tate, etc. Corporate Collections including J.P. Morgan, individual collectors with large art collections, to new fair-goers and buyers who are making their very first purchase and perhaps the debut of a collection.

“Paris Photo’s special appeal is the museum-quality of the Show, the glamour of Paris, and our capacity to bring the entire field together.”

Future Fair

Paris Photo 2019 © Euronews

Is there a typical Paris Photo visitor?

We welcomed over 70,000 visitors in Paris for our 23rd edition including more than 130 international museum groups and directors and curators. We see our visitors as part of a community of loyal enthusiasts who return to the fair each year as their annual rendez-vous for photography.
In New York, we are excited to reach new and younger audiences and actively contribute to the development of the collectors of tomorrow.

What is Paris Photo special appeal?

Paris Photo’s special appeal is the museum-quality of the Show, the glamour of Paris, and our capacity to bring the entire field together.
We are excited to bring that allure to New York and create a new show that responds to the dynamism of the city and its thriving arts scene.

What are two other art fairs you would suggest?

Art Basel remains the go to art fair for the world’s best galleries, but I would also suggest smaller fairs such as LOOP, a platform dedicated to the study and promotion of the moving image, in Barcelona.

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