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1-54 Contemporary African Art Fair is the most important art fair when it comes to promote African contemporary art. 1-54 London takes place in the prestigious Somerset House, in the heart of London, and showcases around 40 leading international galleries and over 130 artists. All forms of art are represented: photography, painting, sculpture and so on, in an exhibition that promotes dialogue and exchange. 1-54 London reflects the diversity and the cultural wealth of Africa, with a profusion of colors and materials. 1-54 runs two other fairs in 1-54 New York and 1-54 Marrakech.

Rick Friedman Hamptons Fine Art Fair

Touria El Glaoui shares her views!

Founding Director

1-54 London 2022


Somerset House
London WC2R 1LA
United Kingdom

Opening hours

October 2022: TBA

Entrance Fee

General Admission: £25
Seniors & Disabled: £10
Children Under 12: Free



Art Periods


London Art Fair

Insights 1-54 London

Rick Friedman Hamptons Fine Art Fair

Touria El Glaoui

Founding Director

What would you say is the DNA of 1-54 London?

Founded in 2013, 1-54 London is the leading international art fair dedicated to contemporary art from Africa and its diaspora. Striving to promote diverse perspectives, 1-54 features leading international galleries specialising in contemporary African art, accompanied by a 1-54 Forum talks and Special Projects programme. Set across three wings in the historic and architecturally rich Somerset House, the fair presents over forty galleries, multiple Special Projects and a monumental sculpture commission in the central courtyard.

What type of galleries are chosen to exhibit, and why?

Although based across the globe, the shared denominator between all our galleries is that they are dedicated to the representation and promotion of artists from Africa and its global diaspora.

What is the price range of pieces? Who is the average buyer?

£1000 – £150,000.
Our buyers are both experienced and new collectors, like our other editions we always ensure the price range at the fair is broad to ensure there is an entry point for collectors of all experience and backgrounds.

“Our galleries are dedicated to the representation and promotion of artists from Africa and its global diaspora.”

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Who is the typical attendee of 1-54 London?

Each edition of 1-54 is open to everyone who is interested, from art enthusiast to established collector. We are not interested in addressing one specific audience. Rather we hope that we can continue to create an inviting, vibrant and multicultural environment. We encourage people from diverse backgrounds and across generations to attend, not just to connect with the artistic expressions of Africa and its diaspora but also with one another.

What makes 1-54 London so special?

The London fair is the largest of the three fairs we have across the world, so it’s a real moment of meeting and exchange for those participating as well as those attending. We have built and continue to build, a wonderful community that is increasingly connecting with those we have built in New York and Marrakech.

What are two other art fairs you would suggest?

Frieze London, which takes place the same weekend as our London edition. If you are not able to travel to 1-54 London, I also recommend our New York and Marrakech editions!

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