The first art fair celebrating Latin America

The inaugural MIRA Art Fair, founded by Manuela Rayo, is set to illuminate Paris this September at the Maison de l’Amérique Latine. This premier event aims to showcase the vibrancy of Latin American art with 20 select galleries in an intimate setting. With a focus on sustainability and a diverse selection committee, MIRA promises a rich tapestry of contemporary art, music, and cuisine, highlighting the dynamic culture of Latin America in Europe’s art capital.

In an engaging chat, Manuela Rayo, the visionary behind the inaugural MIRA Art Fair, uncovers the essence of this eagerly anticipated event. Set against the backdrop of Paris’s Maison de l’Amérique Latine, MIRA emerges as a beacon for Latin American art, promising to be a pivotal moment for artists and art lovers alike. Manuela, with roots in Colombia and a seasoned background in the art fairs of Bogotá, Paris, and beyond, shares her motivation for MIRA: to spotlight Latin America’s dynamic art scene in Europe’s art capital. The fair’s intimate setup, featuring 20 select galleries, aims to foster genuine connections, echoing the Latin American spirit of warmth and community.

Sustainability sits at the core of MIRA’s ethos, a commitment Manuela speaks of passionately. The fair’s approach goes beyond mere token gestures, integrating eco-conscious practices throughout its planning and execution. The selection committee’s diversity reflects the multifaceted nature of Latin American culture, promising a rich tapestry of artistic expressions. As the conversation flows, it’s clear that MIRA is more than an art fair; it’s a celebration of Latin American vibrancy, offering a feast for the senses with art, music, and cuisine. Pauline’s conversation with Manuela offers a sneak peek into what could be the art world’s next big thing, inviting everyone to experience the warmth and vitality of Latin America this September in Paris.



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