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Pauline Loeb of artfairmag interviews Lydia Melamed Johnson, director of The Photography Show, discussing its evolution since 1979 and the 2024 edition’s return to Park Avenue Armory with a diverse global roster. Johnson highlights the resurgence of in-person art enthusiasm post-pandemic and emerging trends in collecting works by underrepresented groups. The fair promises a showcase of history and cutting-edge photography.

In a detailed conversation with Pauline Loeb, Lydia Melamed Johnson, director of The Photography Show, reflects on its history, beginning in 1979, and the evolution into a premier global platform for photographic art. She expresses excitement for the show’s 2024 return to the Park Avenue Armory, a venue that echoes the fair’s grandeur. With a diverse assembly of 78 exhibitors, Johnson emphasizes the fair’s global reach and its significant European and Latin American presence. She notes the art market’s robust recovery post-pandemic, with an increased appetite for in-person art experiences and a trend towards more diverse and inclusive collections. Johnson highlights the affordability of photography, making it an accessible entry point for new collectors.

Artists like Robert Langham presented by Koslov Larsen and Sarah Sense, showcased by Bruce Silverstein, are mentioned as exemplifying the future of photography, with innovative processes and storytelling that push the medium’s boundaries. This edition will also continue the Monumental Pathway, showcasing large-scale works within the fair, indicating a commitment to both historical legacy and contemporary innovation in photography.

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