What to expect from Art Dubai 2024?

In an engaging interview for artfairmag, Pauline Loeb converses with Pablo del Val, Artistic Director of Art Dubai, about this year’s fair themes: hope, healing, and the migrant experience. Del Val emphasizes Art Dubai’s commitment to showcasing diverse, non-Western art narratives, and its significant influence on Dubai’s vibrant art scene. He also sheds light on the fair’s educational initiatives and offers advice for first-time visitors to fully embrace the unique cultural journey at Art Dubai.

In this insightful interview, Pauline Loeb of artfairmag engages with Pablo del Val, Artistic Director of Art Dubai, to explore the fair’s unique themes and impact. The 2024 edition of Art Dubai emphasizes themes of hope, healing, and the migrant experience, reflecting the city’s diverse cultural tapestry. Del Val highlights the fair’s focus on the global south, showcasing art that diverges from traditional Western narratives. This year’s program is built around the themes of hope, healing and the migrant experience, emphasizing the role of art in community building and cultural understanding.

Del Val also discusses Art Dubai’s influence on the cultural landscape of Dubai and the broader Middle East. He notes the rapid growth and dynamic nature of the Dubai art scene, with a strong community of local and resident artists contributing to a vibrant artistic environment. The fair has become a hub for creative ideas and projects, fostering connections between different cultures. Additionally, del Val touches on educational initiatives, including the Global Arts Forum focused on global warming, and a children’s program that brings contemporary art practices to schools. His advice for first-time visitors is to approach Dubai with an open mind, embracing the diverse cultural experiences the fair offers.

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