ART SG 2024 edition & Singapore Art Week

Pauline Loeb sat with Shuyin Yang, the director of ART SG fair in Singapore, set to open in just two days on January 18th. They delved into the exciting prospects of this year’s edition—the second ever! They highlighted must-see attractions, explored how ART SG is positioning Singapore as a pivotal player in the international art scene, and much more.

In an insightful interview, Pauline Loeb from Artfairmag engages with Shuyin Yang, the director of ART SG Fair in Singapore, just two days before the opening of its second edition in 2024. They discuss the fair’s remarkable growth since its inaugural event in 2023, which drew an audience of 43,000 visitors. Shuyin highlights ART SG’s role in placing Singapore on the global art fair calendar, attracting a diverse audience from across the Asia-Pacific region, Europe, the United States, and Australasia. She notes the increasing international interest in Southeast Asian art and Singapore’s emerging status as a hub for artistic exchange. Shuyin also details the fair’s selective process, emphasizing the involvement of a selection committee that ensures a dynamic mix of local and international galleries, representing both young and established artists.

The conversation further delves into the highlights of ART SG 2024, showcasing a rich tapestry of art forms including traditional mediums, large-scale installations, digital art, and experimental projects involving bio-art. Shuyin particularly points out the presence of ambitious works by young artists, reflecting the fair’s commitment to showcasing emerging talent alongside established names like Perrotin, White Cube, and Gagosian. Addressing the audience spectrum, Shuyin mentions ART SG’s appeal to a wide range of collectors, from seasoned connoisseurs to first-time buyers, with artworks priced to cater to diverse budgets. Additionally, she sheds light on Singapore Art Week, describing it as a city-wide celebration of art, featuring exhibitions, private collection shows, and various cultural events that contribute to Singapore’s growing stature in the international art scene. Pauline expresses her excitement about attending the fair and exploring its multifaceted offerings, signifying a promising future for ART SG and its impact on the art world.

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