6 – 9 August 2020

Antique American Indian Art Show Santa Fe

First launched in 2015, the Antique American Indian Art Show Santa Fe aims to keep the tradition alive. Its promote American Indian art and craftsmanship by showcasing more than 65 specialized exhibitors. The show brings together collectors, professionals and art enthusiasts who can admire and purchase a wide range of items from clothes to ceramics, jewels, sculpture, basketry and much more. The fair is part of an important group which owns 5 differents fairs: the San Francisco Tribal and Textile Art Show, Objects of Art Santa Fe, the American Indian Art Show Marin, the Antique American Indian Art Show Santa Fe and the LA Art Show.

Practical info Antique American Indian Art Show 2020


El Museo
555 Camino de la Familia
Santa Fe, NM 87501
United States

Opening hours

6 August: 6pm – 9pm
(Opening Night Party)
7-9 August: 11am – 5pm

Entrance Fee

General Admission: TBA


Decorative Art

Art Periods


Antique American Indian Art Show Santa Fe © Alibi

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