Fridge Art Fair Miami

Sadly, Fridge Miami is not going ahead. No more edition is planned.

Fridge Art Fair is held in the iconic Downtown Miami area during Miami Art Week. This contemporary art show is light-hearted and concentrates on offering affordable pieces in a non-intimidating atmosphere. Eric Ginsburg, an artist famous for his pop-art style portraits of cats and dogs, founded Fridge Art Fair New York in 2013 and added a show in Miami. The fair presents pieces that celebrate the fun side of life, especially dog and cat-related images in paint, mixed-media, sculptural and video. Each piece has to fit in a fridge! It is an open-minded and pet-friendly event.

Info Fridge Art Fair Miami


Eurostar’s Langford Hotel
121 SE 1st Street
Miami, FL 33131
United States

Opening hours

No further edition is planned

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