American Indian Art Show Marin

The established American Indian Art Show has been running for more than 3 decades and is the largest of its kind along the west coast of America. The show is rich with culture and brings together collectors, enthusiasts and the public interested in American Indian history, traditions and art. As a matter of fact, attendees are often passionate about Native American culture. Thus, the event offers them the opportunity to learn about many aspects of American Indian life. With both antique, modern and contemporary pieces showcased by more or less 70 dealers, there are paintings, photography, basketry, textiles, beadwork, pottery and sculpture offered for sale at all kind of princes. Tribal, pre-Columbian and Spanish Colonial artworks, plus jewelry, books and other fascinating pieces will be displayed at the fair as well. The good-natured atmopshere of the show participates in making it a not-to-be-missed event for families and all art enthusiasts. Another fair taking place in San Francisco is part of the same group, San Francisco Tribal & Textile Art.

Practical info American Indian Art Show Marin 2020


Fort Mason, Festival Pavilion
2 Marina Blvd
San Francisco, CA 94123
United States


21 Febrary: 2pm – 8pm
(Early Preview)
22 Febrary: 11am – 7pm
23 Febrary: 11am – 5pm

Entrance Fee

General Admission: $20
Early Preview: $75



Art Periods


+1 949 280 6551


© American Indian Art Show Marin

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