Discovering New Horizons: Lee Cavaliere’s Vision for VOLTA

Lee Cavaliere, the new Artistic Director of VOLTA, positions the fair as a unique discovery platform, diverging from the repetitiveness seen in other art fairs. Focused on revitalizing the fair in the post-COVID era, he aims to attract fresh audiences with unseen artworks. For him, it’s about building a community that fosters dialogue and discovery. The upcoming edition in Basel, featuring over 45 galleries from 24 countries, promises a boutique and intimate setting that encourages rich interactions between artists, galleries, and visitors.

In this engaging interview, Pauline Loeb converses with Lee Cavaliere, the new Artistic Director of VOLTA Art Fair. Lee, who took on his role in July 2023, emphasizes VOLTA’s unique position as a fair of discovery, diverging from the repetitive nature of other fairs. He cherishes VOLTA for its dynamism and commitment to showcasing novel and exciting art, aiming to expand its reach to new audiences and ideas post-COVID. VOLTA’s mission, under Lee’s direction, is to break through the art world’s tendencies to focus on a select few artists and locations, by bringing a mix of unseen works and talents to the forefront.

Lee Cavaliere discusses his diverse background in the art field, including his roles as a gallery director and his involvement with the Tate and VOMA (Virtual Online Museum of Art), highlighting his efforts to make art more accessible and inclusive. This approach informs his strategy for VOLTA, which aims to be more than just an art fair by fostering community, dialogue, and discovery among artists, galleries, and audiences. The upcoming edition of VOLTA, boasting its most diverse lineup yet with over 45 galleries from 24 countries, promises to maintain a boutique and intimate atmosphere, enabling rich interactions and the nurturing of new talents and established names alike.

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