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Superfine Art Fair was founded to bring down the barriers of the art world. The concept was to have transparent prices, affordable pieces and a non-intimidating event that would encourage newcomers to view contemporary art. The idea proved so successful that there are now 6 different cities hosting Superfine Art Fair: Miami Beach, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Seattle and Washington. New York has divided its show into three – (Wo)man, Myth, + Magik – instead of being a 5-day fair, so the experience remains intimate and comfortable for both exhibitors and visitors. Superfine New York is an antidote to stuffy art fairs, and the 60 booths of art are both welcoming and budget friendly. Pieces of contemporary art can be purchased from $100 upwards and so it’s an ideal place for collectors to start their portfolio.

Marc Spiegler - Former Global Director Art Basel

Alex Mitow shares his views!

CEO of Superfine Art Fair

Superfine! New York 2023


The Market Line
180 Broome St.
New York, NY 10002
United States


14 – 17 September 2023

Entrance Fee

General Admission: TBA



Art Periods



Art Basel 2023

Insights Superfine New York

Marc Spiegler - Former Global Director Art Basel

Alex Mitow

CEO of Superfine Art Fair (© Luke Fontana)

What is Superfine New York DNA?

New York is an obvious hotbed of artistic talent and has been my hometown for more than 8 years. James and I made the big decision to split our New York art fair into three fairs, each focused on a subset of talented artists. (wo)man is an all female artist show, Myth focuses on modern surrealism – one of our personal favorite styles of art, and MAGICK is entirely comprised of artists who either identify as LGBTQ+ or support the community in the theme of their work. Since New York is our hometown, we felt comfortable exploring each of these facets. Beyond the New York art scene, we’ll host artists from all around the globe at each of these three New York art fairs.

What type of galleries are chosen to exhibit, and why?

Our art fairs in New York are comprised primarily of talented, professional, individual artists who’ve chosen to take matters into their own hands. That said, although we’re an artist-driven model we do attract a handful of artist-driven gallery programs and collectives, all of whom put the individual artist first. The fairs are 90% solo artists and 10% galleries, but the galleries we work with all exemplify our new art market ideals: accessible, artist-forward, and fresh.

What is the price range? Who buy?

Almost 90% of the work shown and sold at Superfine! art fairs ranges from $500 to $5,000. There’s an absolute cap at $15,000 and both artists and galleries show work in the $100-$500 range as well. This tenet of accessibility means that a newer breed of collector feels comfortable buying art from our artists, and they love meeting and connecting with the artists as well.

“We’re built on pillars of accessibility and transparency. We put the artists first, and we provide a platform for them to connect directly with their audience.”

Art Basel

Superfine Art Fair New York ©

Is there a typical Superfine NYC visitor?

At our art fairs in New York, you’ll find folks from all walks of life. Typically we’ll see young professionals aged 26-45 who are new to art collecting, but we also get mega-collectors who are inspired by our breath of fresh air in the art market.

What is Superfine NYC special appeal?

We’re built on pillars of accessibility and transparency. We put the artists first, and we provide a platform for them to connect directly with their audience. At the same time, our messaging always educates our visiting audience, showing them the path to becoming collectors while at the same time demystifying art for them and redefining who’s allowed to be considered a collector.

What are two other art fairs you would suggest?

That’s easy! I’m here in San Juan, Puerto Rico for one of my best friends Danny Baez’ MECA International Art Fair. Danny and his partners have done tremendous things for the Caribbean and Latin American art market and have pushed past a devastating hurricane to continue to deliver top quality art and perspective to the people of Puerto Rico. I also enjoy the Salon Acme satellite fair in Mexico City that takes place in the Juarez neighborhood concurrently with ZonaMaco. There are many accessibly priced works there by young Mexican artists – it’s where the gallerists and fair directors go to buy their art.

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