Kiaf & Frieze Seoul

7 – 10 September 2023

Station Gallery, Galerie Thomas, Peter Harrington, Les Enluminures, Galerie Crèvecoeur. Dive into the 2023 edition of Kiaf & Frieze Seoul that took place in Seoul COEX early September with the ‘1 minute in the booth’ videos made by Alicia Kim, artfairmag correspondent in South Korea.

More info about Kiaf here and about Frieze Seoul there.

The second edition of Frieze Seoul took place this year, marking a delightful start to September despite the global economic slowdown. Held jointly with Kiaf Seoul, one of the largest art events in Korea, these two fairs brought art enthusiasts together at COEX (Convention & Exhibition).

At Frieze, works such as Kusama Yayoi’s “Red Pumpkin” from David Zwirner and Nicolas Party’s pieces from Hauser & Wirth found buyers on the opening day. The fair has attracted approximately 70,000 visitors. One of the most popular spots at the fair was the booth of Lévy Gorvy and Boeckmann Gallery, where artworks by Jeff Koons, Le Corbusier, Picasso, and others were displayed, drawing long queues of eager spectators. Additionally, Peter Harrington’s booth, specializing in first editions and rare books, garnered attention with items such as the first edition of “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” and second editions of Shakespearean plays.

At this year’s Kiaf, there was a lot of exposure to new media art pieces and emerging artists. Visitors could even vote for their favorite, shining a spotlight on lesser-known but promising talents, creating a very fresh, vibrant, and enjoyable atmosphere. I was particularly fascinated by the Geumsan Gallery booth. It had a variety of artworks from both veteran and emerging artists in Korea, like Kun for instance, who was one of the 20 highlighted artists at the fair.

During this simultaneous showcase of art at COEX, directors from prominent Asian art fairs such as Art Basel Hong Kong, Frieze Seoul, Gendai Tokyo, Taïpei Dangdai, and KIAF engaged in various discussions, including the current and future landscape of new media art, the significance of Asian art fairs, the realm of experimental art in Korea, and the impact of artificial intelligence. These discussions provided an educational and networking platform for art fair attendees, fostering engagement with experts across diverse fields within the art industry.

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