I have always loved photography. So, it was with joy that I visited the 2023 edition of Paris Photo, dedicated to this medium, where 188 exhibitors from France and around the world presented a selection of modern and contemporary works at the Grand Palais Ephémère.

Among the 188 exhibitors, Swiss gallery Bildhalle stood out as my top booth. They were presenting artworks by Ilona Langbroek, Jeffrey Conley, Paul Cupido, and two other artists I wanted to focus on.

First up, René Groebli. He truly captivated me with his series “The Eye of Love,” which featured 25 intimate photographs of his wife, taken in 1952 during their honeymoon in Paris. A lot of delicacy in his works. 

On the other hand, Casper Faassen presented his “Recollection” series, where he brought vases to life, echoing the masters he admires, from Van Gogh to Jan Steen, all with a modern twist. I think Faassen is a master at blending photography with painting. 

Art Dealers Interviews

Ruttkowski;68, Fraeken Gallerr, Edwin Houk Gallery, Galerie Anne-Laure Buffard: dive into the 2023 edition of the very anticipated Paris Photo at the Grand Palais Ephémère.

Sum it up, I'm in a rush!

  • When? | 9 – 12 November 2023
  • Where? | Paris, France
  • Atmosphere | Cutting Edge
  • Featured Gallery Gem | Bildhalle
  • For Whom? | Photography lovers

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