2023 is drawing to a close, and the highlight of this December is undoubtedly Art Basel Miami Beach. Beyond the main fair, I highly recommend visiting NADA, as well as INK, a boutique art fair dedicated to drawing, nestled in a quaint Miami Beach hotel. A week later, Art Antwerp marks, for me, the end of the year. It’s a great regional fair with the unpretentious charm of the Belgians that I absolutely adore. Color and a touch of madness – that’s exactly what I love to brighten up the gray December. Finally, I’ve selected two must-visit fairs to kick off 2024 with a bang: the second edition of ART SG in Singapore and the classic, timeless BRAFA in Brussels.

Art Basel Miami Beach 2023
Art Basel Miami Beach
8 – 10 December 2023, Miami

Part of the Art Basel group that was founded in 2002, Art Basel Miami Beach celebrates its 21st edition where 277 galleries will be attending. The fair has firmly positioned itself as a dynamic hub for the contemporary art world.

Art dealers and galleries hailing from all corners of the globe will unveil a spectrum of artworks, spanning from the avant-garde of the young art scene to the mastery of 20th-century artists. The Miami Beach Convention Center is hosting this year’s edition, attracting, as always, blue chip galleries including Gagosian, Perrotin, White Cube or Levy gorvy Dahan.

Art Basel Miami is not only promoting the local art scene but embraces the global art panorama and facilitates engaging conversations expertly curated by Emily Butler.

The fair is divided into 6 exciting sectors. ‘Galleries’ which offers an exploration of modern and contemporary leading galleries’ booths. ‘Meridians’ presenting large-scale projects that transcend traditional set designs; ‘Nova’ a showcase of the latest works, crafted over the past three years. ‘Positions’ which shows solo presentations and the works of emerging artists, ‘Survey’ an area dedicated to historically significant artistic practices. Lastly, ‘Kabinett’ is designed to underline specific curated works from galleries, distinct from their primary booths.

Art Basel Miami Beach promises an immersive and multifaceted experience for those captivated by the ever-evolving contemporary art scene.

All info about the fair here.

NADA Miami
NADA Miami
5 – 9 December 2023, Miami

NADA Miami, the esteemed New Art Dealers Alliance is back for its 21st ediion inside the historic Ice Palace Studios, a 1920s American film production complex.

With 150 participating galleries and nonprofit organizations, the event aspires to cultivate a vibrant community where information, support and collaboration intertwine. Galleries earn their spot through a discerning selection process by the Board, adhering to meticulous criteria.

This 2023 edition proudly unites 85 returning NADA members and 34 new exhibitors, for a dynamic and diverse showcase. The revered ’Curated Spotlight’ section returns offering a nuanced perspective on the works of exhibiting galleries through the discerning eyes of Jenée-Daria Strand. Additionally, the ‘NADA Presents’, section emerges as a platform hosting insightful talks with art and cultural professionals from across the globe. Engaging conversations are set to cover a variety of topics including ‘Art, People, Skate’ or ‘Making impressions: Archives, Printmaking, and Robert Blackburn’.

NADA Miami unfolds as a convergence of artistic expression and intellectual dialogue, inviting attendees into a world where creativity and discourse coalesce.

More info about the fair here.

INK Miami
INK Miami
6 – 10 December 2023, Miami Beach

In the exclusive ambiance of the Suites of Dorchester, the 17th edition of Ink Miami unfolds within the walls of this elegant hotel. Transformed for this special occasion, the venue plays host to 15 handpicked galleries and printmakers, each presenting a curated selection of modern and contemporary works on paper. Among the much-awaited participants, Tag Fine Arts, Highpoints Editions Upsilon Gallery are expected to unveil their finest graphics and newest prints.

Focused on 20th century pieces and editions made by contemporary artists, INK Miami extends a warm invitation to art collectors, curators, and print enthusiasts in this intimate setting. The thematic fair is a celebration of high-quality paper knowledge and standards, creating an immersive experience for those seeking to explore the world of printmaking.

While this independent fair may have fewer participants than its counterparts, this four-day independent fair stands as an inclusive platform, open to everyone, ensuring accessibility for all who wish to discover paper craftsmanship. In a generous gesture, the entrance fee is waived, making this artful appointment an inclusive opportunity for all to appreciate the creativity and richness of contemporary paper artworks.

More info about the fair here.

Art Antwerp
Art Antwerp
14 – 17 December 2023, Antwerp

Art Antwerp returns for its eagerly anticipated 3rd edition, which is organized by Art Brussels, to enchant art enthusiast anew.

A diverse array of galleries from 12 different countries have received the invitation to exhibit a spectrum of artworks, spotlighting talents ranging from mid-career to emerging artists.

Nestled within the Antwerp Expo, this intimate art fair is committed to showcase talents on a on a profoundly personal and significant scale. By Lara Sedbon, Modesti Perdriolle Gallery or Guy Pieters Gallery have announced their attendance, standing alongside over 70 carefully selected galleries. The meticulous curation was made by the Invitation Committee featuring Myriam Attali of Galerie Lelong & Co., Will Lunn, from Copperfield London, Jason Poirier dit Caulier, of PLUS-ONE Gallery and Alexia van Eyll, from Nino Mier Gallery, ensuring a program of the finest quality.

Overall, Art Antwerp encourages, fosters a deeper connection between the exhibitors and the attendees. In this environment, curated not just for art collectors but also for professionals, the fair emerges as a melting pot where creativity and art dealing seamlessly converge.

More info about the fair here.

ART SG Singapore
9 – 21 January 2024, Singapore

In the moving heart of Singapore’s financial district, Art SG was first inaugurated in January 2023 at the prestigious Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre, a venue it proudly retains for the upcoming year. Part of The Art Assembly that includes PHOTOFAIRS Shanghai or Sydney Contemporary, this nascent art fair swiftly claims its position as southeast Asia’s largest art fair, with a dedicated focus on both local and global contemporary art.

Some of the world’s leading galleries will be attending this second edition such as Thaddaeus Ropac or White Cube Gallery, elevating the event’s status on the international stage. The fair organizes its exhibition into three distinct gallery sectors: ‘Galleries’, ‘Focus’ and ‘Future’ all held to exacting standards, ensuring the display of high-quality artworks.

Beyond its global outreach, Art SG remains committed into the artistic and cultural practices of Southeast Asia. This commitment is shown through curated talks by Zoe Butt, the founder and director of ‘in-tangible institute’, providing a unique lens into the region’s creative landscapes.

In essence, Art SG’s seeks to mobilize an engaged and passionate art community by bringing together a space where expertise and innovation converge for art enthusiasts to explore.

All info about the fair here.

BRAFA Brussels
28 January – 4 February 2024, Brussels

Since 1956, BRAFA has stood as a venerable institution, annually reuniting the most prestigious exhibitors specialized in antiquity, up until the 19th century art. This European fair, now entering its 69th edition, serves as a display for collectors on the quest for rare and exceptional artworks.

Brussels Expo has been hosting the most recent editions, with approximately 130 galleries participating yearly. Art dealers are transforming this immense venue into a captivating journey through times, where eras are mixed up, from one booth to another. Names like De Jonckheere Gallery, Douwes Fine Art or Galerie Taménaga are set to attend the 2024 edition.

BRAFA curates an assemblage of established artists featuring authenticated works by Yayoi Kusama, Pablo Picasso or Marc Chagall’s, ensuring a standard upheld by international experts. A commitment not only maintaining the fair’s high quality, but also made to meet the discerning expectations of collectors.

Spanning eight days, this distinguished art fair transcends boundaries, showcasing a legacy of historical and refined art. From jewellery to ceramics and beyond, BRAFA persists in presenting a distinguished selection of artworks, perpetuating its tradition of excellence.

All info about the fair here.

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