Empowering African artists: 1-54 expands its global stage

Touria El Glaoui shares insights into 1-54, the pioneering art fair that champions contemporary African art. Founded in London in 2013, 1-54 was created to fill a significant gap in the visibility of African and diaspora artists within the global art scene. Touria’s vision has successfully expanded the fair to four locations worldwide, including New York, Marrakech, and most recently, Hong Kong. This expansion underscores 1-54’s dedication to bridging cultural divides and promoting the rich diversity and talent of African artists on an international scale, making it a vital platform for cultural exchange and dialogue across continents.

In a dynamic conversation, Pauline Loeb dives into the world of 1-54 art fair with its founder, Touria El Glaoui. Touria shares the genesis of 1-54, which began in London in 2013, inspired by her desire to provide a platform for contemporary African art that was largely invisible in Western markets. Despite the challenges, her dedication stemmed from her own experiences and her father’s artistic journey, emphasizing the critical need for international visibility and inclusion of African and diaspora artists in the global art narrative.

The discussion further delves into 1-54’s expansion to New York and Marrakech, emphasizing its mission to create a bridge between Africa, its diaspora, and the international art community. This year marks a significant milestone with the inauguration of a Hong Kong edition, coinciding with Art Basel. This strategic move aims to introduce contemporary African art to an Asian audience, leveraging the global platform of Art Basel and a partnership with Christie’s to ensure the artists and galleries involved gain maximum exposure. Through these initiatives, 1-54 continues to champion the rich diversity and talent of African artists, fostering cultural exchange and challenging prevailing perceptions to ensure these voices are an integral part of the contemporary art discourse.

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